Substance abuse treatment at northern California rehab centers


One of the best northern California rehab centers is The camp Recovery Center that has been dealing with alcohol and drug abuse patients for over 25 years. The substance abuse program offered by the rehab center is a combination of medication management and counseling. Apart from that there is art therapy for individuals and groups, a 12-step recovery pprogram and other recreational activities. There are some experimental therapies too that are very beneficial for recovery.


Treating individual addicts


Every patient approaching the rehab center has a different experience with a drug. The treatment programs offered are customized according to the individual requirements. The center has been able to provide excellent substance abuse treatment to a large number of adults and teenagers who were struggling with their addictions to various substances. The specialist team takes special care to formulate the treatment according to each person's needs and recovery.


The team of specialists


The northern California rehab centers such as the Camp has a strong team of multidisciplinary professionals who are passionate about their duty. They are dedicated and experts in their chosen fields. The center has physicians certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, family therapists, 24-hour nursing staff and experienced addiction counselors. They work very hard and tirelessly to make the treatment effective.


Location of the center


The best thing about the rehab center is its location. It is located in a calm and quiet area away from the busy life of the city. Nestled among the 25 acres of redwood trees in Santa Cruz Mountains, it has a lot of amenities including hiking trails, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court and a ROPES course. The patients in the camp can live in beautiful cabins with porches. The cabins overlook the redwood groves. The environment is best suited for all kinds of activities such as inspiration, relaxation and contemplation. The stunning surrounding provides an excellent backdrop for outdoor activities and recreation.


The rehab center is well known for its holistic treatment that provides mental, physical, emotional and spiritual transformation to the inmates. The location is the most preferred location by most of the people who are seeking drug rehab. The center is completely equipped to meet all the treatment requirements of the patients such as residential care, detoxification, outpatient treatment and day treatment. Individualized treatment plans include individual and group counseling, medication assisted detox, medication management, experimental and recreational therapies, yoga, family counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention planning and continuing care planning.


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